What is JollofJS

JollofJS is a futuristic NodeJS web framework and Content management system.

The Higlights:

  • Built-in Admin User Interface Ever wondered why something like Django Admin doesn’t exist for NodeJS? Well with JollofJS, it does now. Administer your site’s data with the built-in Jollof Admin (built from scratch using React). E.g You could whip up a blog for your Application and use Jollof Admin as a simple CMS backend for that blog. The options are endless!


  • Full support for ES8+ features i.e. Async/Await

  • Environmental Configuration Tree. JollofJS has a custom-built config system that makes it easy to have different configurations per node.ENV. Base configuration can easily be overwritten by environmental configs (i.e. development, test, production, etc).

  • Convention AND configuration. JollofJs starts you off with very good configurations that serve as awesome conventions for your web apps.

And more!